A Transformative Framework

By applying the Theory of Change, we can adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that our work remains relevant and effective in the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood development.

1. Truths

  • Early childhood (0-8) is a crucial part of life
  • It is often overlooked
  • Prevention is always preferable to intervention

2. Mission

  • Reduce inequality in childhood
  • Empower parents and carers

3. Actions

  • We are a partner to the Early Years
  • We use our endowment according to our Strategic Building Blocks

4. Values

  • Love
  • Consideration
  • Hope
  • Integrity

5. Change

  • There is a better support on all levels for the Early Years (approach/investment)
  • Early Years are a consideration for all


  • Early Years work is properly funded
  • Parents/carers feel empowered and supported
  • Children in Scotland flourish

7.Realised Vision

Scotland is a place where children would choose to grow up
Childhood is valued
Success is tantamount to prevention
Scotland is a happier, healthier and safer place for all