A Transformative Framework

For an independent funder focusing on children in their early years, adopting a Theory of Change framework can be transformative. Firstly, it provides a clear roadmap, outlining the steps required to achieve our desired long-term impact on young children's lives. By visualising the connections between activities, outcomes, and the ultimate goals, we can ensure that every action taken is purposeful and directly contributes to the overarching mission.

Moreover, the Theory of Change framework fosters transparency and accountability. By making explicit the assumptions and the causal links between actions and outcomes, our stakeholders, grantees, and partners can easily understand our strategy and its rationale. We believe that this clarity will enhance trust, leading to better partnerships and outcomes. Additionally, by regularly revisiting and refining our Theory of Change, we can adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that our work remains relevant and effective in the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood development.

The Building Blocks

Based on over a decade of Early Years funding practice and the recent strategic discussions at our Strategy Seminar, the outcomes that Cattanach wants to achieve through its funding are based on the following building blocks

We believe that Early relationships need to be supported from pre-birth, with prevention and intervention offers accessible to all.

We want to honour key early relationships by supporting the Early Years workforce.

We trust that parents want the best for their children and need a chance to get things right themselves first.

We see children as rights-holders and support the rollout of direct (UNCRC) and indirect rights (through parents/carers) that can protect them; we will help making these rights real.