Cattanach Trust

The Cattanach Trust was established in 1992 by Miss Phyllis Cattanach of Grantown on Spey. Miss Cattanach was the last survivor of her immediate family, her brother having been killed in action during the Second World War, and she wished to put to good use the family wealth she had inherited from her family’s interests in the whisky industry. Miss Cattanach died in 2008, leaving the residue of her estate to the Trust, and doubling its size. The Trust Deed by which the Trust was established gives the Trustees extremely wide scope for charitable giving, but in recent years the Trustees have focused their grants programme through a themed approach.

Theme Statement:
The Cattanach Trust seeks applications for projects which support children from pre-birth to three years old, who are affected by levels of relative deprivation. There is good evidence that supporting children during the first years of a child’s life has the greatest positive impact on their developmental progress. Good quality services improve not only a child’s life during these years, but also have substantial benefits into adolescence and adulthood. Projects should be working from a strengths based model; the existing and potential strengths of the child, the family and the community should be recognised and should form the basis of the work. Projects must actively involve the parent(s)/main carers of the children. The Trust’s view is that prioritising this age group values children in Scotland appropriately, and will make a significant contribution to Scotland's National Outcome -

‘We grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realise our full potential.’