Below you will find some of Cattanach's top picks of resources we think might be useful to you. These resources cover a range of different topics, including more information on funding. We also indicate where you might go to get practical information on working with the early years, evaluation tips, the latest research on the early years and much more!

Organisation: SCVO
Type: Information

Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations have put together a Covid-19 support hub with many resources to help third sector organisations in these trying times. This includes a guide to the restrictions, how best to support employees working from home, a guide to offering digital services and where to find emergency coronavirus funding.

Organisation: IVAR
Type: Information, Learning

COVID-19 Peer Support Webinars

This is a very useful space provided by IVAR for charity leaders to support each other with the challenges of COVID-19 through 90-minute zoom sessions.

Organisation: Children’s Parliament
Type: Information, Research

Children’s Parliament

The Children’s Parliament is a great body in Scotland who represent the views of children across Scotland. With the younger ones, they have done some great research using creative activities and art.

Organisation: What Works for Children's Social Care
Type: Information, Research

What Works for Children's Social Care - Evidence Store

This resource is exceptionally useful for exploring different methods of intervention with children, and their effectiveness. Provided are reviews of studies on each intervention, and summaries of their outcomes, how effective they are, and the range of evidence available.

Organisation: Scottish Social Services Council
Type: Information

Jargon and Acronym Buster (Jab)

This is an excellent resource provided by the Scottish Social Services Council, aiming to clarify on the jargon sometimes used in social work. It provides definitions in plain English of acronyms often used in the world of social work, as well as relevant laws often referred to.