At their Q4 2020 Board meeting, Cattanach Trustees confirmed awards recommended by the Grants Committee, which were made to the following charitable organisations:

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland (SOHTIS) - 3 years
  • 3D Drumchapel - 3 years
  • Scottish Adoption - 3 years

Trustees decided to raise £900k earlier in 2020 to respond to arising COVID-19 needs. Using these funds, further grants were awarded to:

  • Craigmillar Literacy Trust - 3 years
  • Crossreach - 1 year
  • Circle: Supporting Families in Scotland - 3 years
  • Reidvale Adventure Play Association - 2 years (year 4 and 5 of an existing award)

In addition, the following organisations received further funding under their multi-year grants:

  • The Village Storytelling Centre
  • Family Mediation Central Scotland
  • Kyle of Sutherland Hub
  • conFAB
  • Home-Start Glasgow South
  • Geeza Break

Congratulations from the Cattanach Board and Team to all of our new grantees! Of course, we would like to thank all organisations that shared their proposals with us - we know how much time and energy has gone into each and every one of them and we do our utmost to provide detailed feedback and support through our Associates.