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New Report Launch: Being Bold - Wellbeing Budgets for Children

This report, jointly commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust, Children in Scotland and Cattanach, sets out some ideas for where Scotland can go further in the space of the budget process. In budgeting for outcomes, goals are achieved not just by patching up and intervening early, but also by stopping harm occurring in the first place by creating a context in which children and families flourish.

Congratulations to all our 2021 Q1 Grantees

The details of organisations who were awarded grants during our most recent review meeting. Congratulations from the Cattanach Board and Team to all of our new grantees!

F1001D Research Report - Working for Babies: Lockdown Lessons from Local Systems

The “Working for Babies: Lockdown lessons from local systems” report, written by Jodie Reed and Natalie Parish of Isos Partnership explores how local systems responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19. It seeks to understand the factors which have shaped the response by services which support babies and their families. Most importantly, the report seeks to ensure that lessons are learned for the future of service provision for this age group. It provides further evidence of the importance of many things that the Movement campaigns for such as clear leadership, a focus on babies’ needs, and a joined-up response.