We are delighted to host Professor Antonella Sorace for our next SoWhat? Seminar, an expert on bilingualism in the early years.

"There are many widespread misconceptions about learning more than one language in childhood. For example, many people still think that early language learning makes children confused and puts them at a disadvantage at school, or that it is simply unnecessary; others regard early bilingualism as a panacea.

Research, in contrast, shows that early bilingual exposure - regardless of their status, prestige, and worldwide diffusion - can give children a range of mental, cultural and social benefits, but not automatically.

Based on our collaborative research, I will show that the positive effects of early bilingualism emerge only when some conditions are met within the family and the community at large. I will finally show how our Bilingualism Matters Centre is enabling families, teachers, policy makers and health professionals - in Scotland and internationally - to make informed decisions on early language learning."

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