Below you will find some of Cattanach's top picks of resources we think might be useful to you. These resources cover a range of different topics, including more information on funding. We also indicate where you might go to get practical information on working with the early years, evaluation tips, the latest research on the early years and much more!

Organisation: Interface
Type: Funding and Learning

Standard Innovation Vouchers

This scheme is intended to encourage new first-time partnerships between companies and further education institutions. Interface do this by providing vouchers, up to £5000, for innovative joint projects between the company applying and an academic institution. In order to secure this funding, you must have a pioneering idea that will lead to either new products, services or processes and want the help of an academic institution to further that idea. There are two different types of voucher. One for workplace innovation and the other for product, process and service innovation. The money that Interface provide will go straight to the university or college to cover the academic costs of your project, and then you must equal the value in cash or in-kind, such as staff time, materials or equipment or a combination of both.

Organisation: Early Intervention Foundation
Type: Evaluation and Learning

Early Intervention Foundation Guidebook

The EIF Guidebook provides information about early intervention programmes that have been evaluated and shown to improve outcomes for children and young people. Through a rigorous assessment process, EIF has rated the strength of evidence for a programme's impact and its relative costs. The Guidebook also provides a wealth of information about the specific outcomes a programme has been shown to improve, how the programme works, how it is delivered, and the conditions or resources that can make a programme more likely to be effective.

Organisation: Children in Scotland
Type: Research and Learning

Children in Scotland

Children in Scotland are an incredible resource to the third sector. They offer special services that provide practical support, advice and representation for children, young people, parents and families throughout Scotland. Their website has a wealth of information, with many reports about their research, compiling a collection of resources that provide information, insight and analysis on sector-wide issues.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning

Keeping Children Safe During COVID-19

COVID-19 has drastically changed the challenges we face when protecting the children close to us. These useful resources from the NSPCC are designed to specifically help with safeguarding and child protection in the times of the pandemic.

Organisation: IVAR
Type: Information, Learning

COVID-19 Peer Support Webinars

This is a very useful space provided by IVAR for charity leaders to support each other with the challenges of COVID-19 through 90-minute zoom sessions.

Organisation: Parent Club
Type: Information and Learning

Wellbeing for Wee Ones

Parent Club have come up with an excellent guide for parents centred around supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of our wee ones. It gives top tips on a variety of wellbeing-related topics for babies and toddlers, as well as explaining why introducing wellbeing at an early age is so important.

Organisation: BBC Sounds
Type: Learning and Research

The Science of Dad

This is a fascinating podcast episode in which Dr Oscar Duke speaks about how pregnancy, birth and childcare affects fathers. A really useful listen for anyone working directly or indirectly with dads and dads-to-be.

Organisation: BBC Tiny Happy People
Type: Information and Learning


An excellent set of videos and activity pages from the BBC. This is designed to help parents/carers with young children to improve their communication skills and better understand early development.

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19: Useful questions for analysis and reporting

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland

Building mutually beneficial relationships – Top tips for Funded Organisations

In 2014 a group of seven projects funded by the ALLIANCE Self Management IMPACT Fund came together with Fund staff to explore and share experiences of how funders and funded projects can build mutually beneficial relationships. The group met three times and was facilitated by Evaluation Support Scotland. Here are the top tips which emerged for organisations that want to make the most of their funding relationships.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning

Managing Safer Online Communities Training

This is a four-module, CPD certified training course that gives organisations the skillset to create and manage online communities. Developed with assistance from Childline experts, this course provides a range of helpful, self-paced learning on points from managing your online presence to understanding Data Protection laws and how they interact with your organisation's information collection.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning

Attachment and child development

This written resource from the NSPCC provides a useful breakdown of what attachment is, why it is important, and understanding how to support families with attachment.