Below you will find some of Cattanach's top picks of resources we think might be useful to you. These resources cover a range of different topics, including more information on funding. We also indicate where you might go to get practical information on working with the early years, evaluation tips, the latest research on the early years and much more!

Organisation: Early Intervention Foundation
Type: Evaluation and Learning

Early Intervention Foundation Guidebook

The EIF Guidebook provides information about early intervention programmes that have been evaluated and shown to improve outcomes for children and young people. Through a rigorous assessment process, EIF has rated the strength of evidence for a programme's impact and its relative costs. The Guidebook also provides a wealth of information about the specific outcomes a programme has been shown to improve, how the programme works, how it is delivered, and the conditions or resources that can make a programme more likely to be effective.

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland
Type: Evaluation


Here you will find a compiled list of resources from Evaluation Support Scotland that they have developed to help the third sector better evaluate their own work. The resources they have developed include support guides, method sheets, webinars and case studies. All the resources are designed to help you evaluate your own activity to discover what works or doesn’t, and how to make use of that learning to measure the difference you are making.

Organisation: Big Lottery Fund
Type: Evaluation

A Guide to Evaluation

This guide, created by the Big Lottery Fund, is intended to help organisations think about the benefits of evaluating and how to get started. At the end of the guide, they provide links to some organisations that can help with more in-depth information about how to evaluate and potential tools you can use. This Big Lottery Fund guide is designed to be an entry level document into evaluation to get you started.

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19: Useful questions for analysis and reporting

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland
Type: Evaluation

Outcomes Approach

This webpage from Evaluation Support Scotland signposts you to lots of useful information about an Outcomes Approach to evaluation.