Below you will find some of Cattanach's top picks of resources we think might be useful to you. These resources cover a range of different topics, including more information on funding. We also indicate where you might go to get practical information on working with the early years, evaluation tips, the latest research on the early years and much more!

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19: Useful questions for analysis and reporting

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland

Building mutually beneficial relationships – Top tips for Funded Organisations

In 2014 a group of seven projects funded by the ALLIANCE Self Management IMPACT Fund came together with Fund staff to explore and share experiences of how funders and funded projects can build mutually beneficial relationships. The group met three times and was facilitated by Evaluation Support Scotland. Here are the top tips which emerged for organisations that want to make the most of their funding relationships.

Organisation: The Robertson Trust
Type: Funding

Partners in Change

The Robertson Trust has launched Partners in Change, a new fund for organisations working in Scotland with a charitable purpose and a turnover of above £2 million, including registered charities, housing associations, Community Interest Companies, universities, and credit unions.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning

Managing Safer Online Communities Training

This is a four-module, CPD certified training course that gives organisations the skillset to create and manage online communities. Developed with assistance from Childline experts, this course provides a range of helpful, self-paced learning on points from managing your online presence to understanding Data Protection laws and how they interact with your organisation's information collection.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning

Attachment and child development

This written resource from the NSPCC provides a useful breakdown of what attachment is, why it is important, and understanding how to support families with attachment.

Organisation: "A guide to re-starting and developing support services for new and expectant parents during COVID-19"
Type: Learning, Information

NCT (National Childbirth Trust)

Although based in England, this guide, produced by the Breastfeeding Network and NCT, has some excellent advice organisations supporting parents or parents-to-be during COVID-19. It provides practical tips on how to adapt services to restrictions in place and the general principles for delivering support.

Organisation: Early Years in Mind
Type: Learning, Information

Anna Freud Centre

This is a free online network for early years practitioners and provides an easy and accessible guide for those working with young children and their families. It includes an A-Z guide for practitioners on common difficulties associated with the early years.

Organisation: NSPCC
Type: Learning, Information

Safer Activities and Events

As we transition out of lockdown and start to hold sessions in larger groups, this free online guide from the NSPCC provides help for safeguarding children in a larger group context.

Organisation: Dartington Service Design Lab
Type: Learning, Information

9 Steps for Reaching Families Remotely

This resource was created through Dartington's Reaching Families Remotely, researched in the context of digital working and the pandemic. It gives 9 helpful steps for effective remote working with families, accounting for the complex needs of digital inclusion.

Organisation: Evaluation Support Scotland
Type: Evaluation

Outcomes Approach

This webpage from Evaluation Support Scotland signposts you to lots of useful information about an Outcomes Approach to evaluation.

Organisation: Sesame Street
Type: Information

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street has provided a highlighted useful set of videos, activities, and articles as resources to help those working with young children and their families. You can select the target age, time, and activity type to find the resource you need.

Organisation: Royal Foundation
Type: Research

Centre for Early Childhood

This website, set up by the Royal Foundation, provides some useful information on the importance of the early years and the effects of young children's environments on shaping their futures. The 'Big Change Starts Small' report gives a useful overview of the current situation for early years children in the UK, and recommendations for change.