The information below will help you fill out and complete your proposal on our Grant Management System.

Contact Information

This is not limited to the specific project you want funding for. Instead, give us an overview of the work of the whole charity and everything you do.

Project Details

Nice and simply, what are you calling the project you require funding for?

You will be presented with a drop-down menu of categories - simply select the one that applies best to the work you do.

Again, you will be presented with a drop-down menu of several age bands. Select the one that applies best to the children you will be working with.

A rough estimate of the number of children or parents you will be working with.

A very brief description of the people you are aiming to help. Ages and geographical position are helpful here as well as a brief description of their experience of deprivation.

This is your chance to tell us about the work you are doing. As opposed to the general description of your charity given in Organisation History, we want to know the specifics of the project you are asking for funding for. If it is an ongoing project, tell us about how it is going, the feedback you have had and why Cattanach funding would improve the service you can offer. If it is a new project, tell us about the plans you have and how you plan on achieving them.

This section is there for you to show an awareness of your community’s needs and how you aim to fulfil them. Why does your local community need your work and what difference will your work make to the opportunities of the residents there?

Children are at the forefront of what we do, being an early years funder. Therefore, we want to hear how your work will directly benefit the children involved.

Tell us about how, if you do, plan to involve the parents or carers in your work.

Work out how much funding your project requires and over what time scale.

Evaluation and Monitoring

We want these outcomes to be owned by you, something to really consider and not just done for the sake of the application. Think about what indicators you can use to measure your outcomes and how this evidence will be used to feedback into your service delivery. We want you to think in terms of outcome and not just output. Don’t think solely how many people you will be affecting; think also how you will be affecting them.

This is closely linked, but not limited, to your outcomes. Think about how you will be evaluating your practice and using that to improve how you work. If you are unsure about evaluation or new to it, try having a look at our Learning Hub on the website that has many resources to help you better understand evaluating.