About the Charity

The Oasis project is the community arm of Wallacewell and is committed to ‘loving the community to life’ and they do this through a number of projects. Cattanach are a long-time funder of Wallacewell, first giving a grant to them in 2013. Since then, the charity has blossomed into a thriving centre with a range of services.

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The Funding Process

Cattanach first funded Wallacewell NCD in 2013 when its two founders were just starting to conceptualise their community vision for a very poor neighbourhood in Glasgow. Since then the charity has blossomed into a thriving centre with a range of services.

In November may 2017, Wallacewell NCD were awarded a 3-year grant for a total of £72,610 – one of Cattanach’s largest awards – to support The Nurture Project. Over the course of the grant the project has evolved and developed and Cattanach staff have visited and provided support and a listening ear to understand and witness the progress of the work.

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How has the funding helped?

Wallacewell NCD have proactively consulted with parents about the services they want to access through the Nurture Group, such as breastfeeding support or structured play or crafts. The Wallacewell team have been building close relationships with other organisations, such as Crossreach, and carers attending the Nurture Group commented very positively on this development.

They offer baby massage, which incorporates a healthy lunch together to teach the value of nutrition. As well as this, there are more issues-based programmes which draws in local experts. All the sessions always with mum and baby present, the women will ultimately learn the value of friendship, of laughter, of play and of gentle kind parenting. There is an insistence that this isn’t like a standard parent-child group, it can be considered a community – a family.

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"More than 100 families have been reached over the last three years and over 30 new families (included in this number, averaging over 40 families per week) in this past year of 2019-20. The total numbers are over 50 for 2019-20. We keep a sign in sheet for families that have attended each week and the number continues to grow. Parents and Carers pass on the value of Nurture to friends at Nurseries and Primary Schools…We believe Nurture is vital for the Wallacewell community and seek to build upon the success of it over the next 3 years from August 2020."

Final Evaluation Report

In this video we hear from Wallacewell New Charge Development, talking about their experience of having Cattanach as a funder.

Success in numbers

different adult clients attending in the last 12 months.
children attended in the last 12 months.


This highlights the benefit that multi-year funding can bring. Starting off as a relatively small charity, Wallacewell have grown enormously in their reach. Multi-year funding is available up to three years from Cattanach with the option to then apply for tapered continuation funding for Years 4 and 5.