About the Charity

This is currently Cattanach’s smallest funded project, with a grant of only £1800 for one year. The low cost by no means correlates to lack of impact, though. The Isle of Jura is a small island in the Inner Hebrides with a population of only around 200.  The money that Cattanach gives to the Isle of Jura Development Trust is used to fund the only toddler group on the island for a year.

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The Funding Process

Due to the small number of children in the appropriate age group in Jura, it looked as though the parent child group would have to come to an end. Thanks to Cattanach funding though, they have been able to hire the village hall for a two-hour session each week and purchase equipment, toys and crafts materials.

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How has the funding helped?

For most children on Jura this is the only opportunity for regular interaction with children of similar age and it is the only source of attachment-based parenting advice. Not only this but it helps to give parents a support group to lean on in difficult times. Without this group, a lot of families could feel isolated as the only other option is extensive travel to neighbouring Islay.

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Covid-19 Response

Like many groups of this nature, Covid-19 restrictions has meant the group has had to pause meetings. When restrictions allow, the group hope to organise trips to the neighbouring island of Islay to visit their baby and toddler groups and the local swimming pool, as there is no such facility on Jura. Before Cattanach began funding, it was looking as though the group would have to stop which would leave many mothers lost without the peer support.

"For many children under the age of three on the island this is the only opportunity for them to mix with other children of a similar age. It also provides an important neutral space for all parents to feel welcome and prevent the social isolation some new parents can feel. The funding also allowed us to buy some new toys and equipment for the children to enjoy. It has been such a relief to know our baby and toddler group is financially supported and secure."

Winnie MacDonald, Isle of Jura Development Trust


This may be a small project in cost, but the impact it makes is rich beyond belief. If you are looking for funding for a project, no matter how big or small, please get in touch with us so we can explore how we may be able to help. You can find all the information you need about our funding criteria and application process here.