About the Charity

This is one of Cattanach’s more rural grantees, based out in Hawick in the Scottish borders. Hawick is 17th on the rural deprivation scale and in response to this, Hawick Congregational Community Church run a very successful Toddler’s Together and Bumps to Babies groups.

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The Funding Process

Following the success of the Cattanach funded Toddlers Together group, Hawick Congregational Community Church piloted a “Bumps to Babies group” which was established in response to parents’ feedback for a smaller, quieter group for expectant and new mums.

Following the successful pilot, the Church approached Cattanach for funding to sustain and develop the group further and an award of £15,000 was made for a 3-year grant in 2017.

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How has the funding helped?

Hawick Congressional Community Church already ran a thriving toddler group. However, identified that there wasn’t a space for new and expectant parents to think and learn about their bump and the very early days of life. The weekly drop-in for local parents helps develop their understanding of bonding (even in the womb), of sensory stimulation and of nurture and nutrition.

A staff member is always present to engage and help mothers to create a welcoming community for women to share stories and solutions. Activities in the group include sensory play, sessions on weaning, financial help, baby massage and yoga. The young babies are also given the chance to interact with other young children helping with their development in an often very isolated, rural place where having other children nearby isn’t always guaranteed.

“There are very few resources in the community available to pregnant women and the group fills this gap."

– Tania, a health visitor in Hawick

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"The application process was thorough and helpful. We had a visit from the Executive of Cattanach, and this was very supportive, helping us to explore the way forward. Without Cattanach, we could not have provided our important service to toddlers, babies and parents. Cattanach are always interested in what we do, and so we feel very connected to our funder. This is really important and encouraging for us."

Geraldine Strickland, Hawick Congregational Community Church


Cattanach’s grant supports this group, which though small provides a lifeline to many in an area with limited opportunities. Learn more about the process of applying for funding and see if your project would be a good fit for funding from Cattanach, you can find more information here.