About the Charity

The benefits of physical education are well reported, the issue of families not being able to afford sending their kids to physical education classes is perhaps less so. Whilst there are often free sports classes set up as after-school clubs, there is an absence of free groups for the preschool age. This is where the Dundee United Community trust step in.

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The Funding Process

Dundee United Community Trust applied for a 3-year funding award in May 2018. Following a detailed assessment of their programme, including a visit by the Cattanach team, Trustees awarded funding of £22,500 over 3 years.

Cattanach encourages communication and participation throughout the proposals process. We actively invite dialogue between potential grantees right from the first expression of interest, so we can ensure that we have a deep understanding of your organisation and the work you do and to check that Cattanach are the right fit as a funder for you.

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How has the funding helped?

Tiny Tangerines is a physical literacy programme that’s closely linked with the Early Years Outcomes in the Curriculum of Excellence. The 45-minute sessions actively involve the parents as co-deliverers to build that bond between parent and child. These football related activities, whilst great for physical activity benefit, also incorporate learning about colours and numbers to make them educational as well as fun.

Cattanach funding helps to pay the staff and equipment costs, allowing this to be a free, inclusive service.

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"My two really enjoy coming to your class and always have. They talk about it after and also do show us some things that they have done in the class. I know they are the younger ones out of the group and a bit more excitable but I do feel they really enjoy it and have fun whilst they are there. They are just under 3 so I am aware that they need more explanation but I always feel you try really hard and have patience with them to do it which as a parent I am very grateful for."

Parent, Tiny Tangerines, 2020

Covid-19 Response

During the pandemic DUCT have continue to produce materials and guidance for families to continue their activities at home, including a new online programme.

"Cattanach's approach during and following Covid-19 has made a massive difference to our organisation, giving us the flexibility to continue our work while the support remained in place."

- Dundee United Community Trust

Success in numbers

sessions held between Summer and March (pre Covid-19).
regular attendees across all sessions.
% average attendance rate.


Tiny Tangerines are helping to improve fundamental movement, communication and social skills and confidence of the participants through fun football programmes whilst also providing a platform for parent and child to bond.