About the Charity

Founded in 2011 by two Edinburgh Dads, the aim of Dads Rock is to ensure all children can have a positive, engaging and active relationship with their Dad. Working on a 1:1 basis, meeting every 1-2 week with young dads identified as being vulnerable and in need of support, they help to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and grow their relationship with their child. The young men worked with have grown up in difficult circumstances, suffering from adverse childhood experiences and are on low incomes or benefits.

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The Funding Process

Dads Rock were recipients of one of our ‘Dads Fund’ awards in June 2018. Initially launched to celebrate the ‘Year of the Dad’ in 2016, the Dads Fund supported projects with a particular focus on work to promote and support great relationships with active, engaged and confident Dads.

The one year funding was used to pilot a new project working intensively with young fathers. Follow up funding over two years was awarded in 2019 to support the programme for a further two years following strong evidence of the success of the work through the organisations evaluation and monitoring, particularly evidenced by a significant increase in referrals for the service.

How has the funding helped?

Matt's Story

Matt found out his partner, April, was having a child only the day before she gave birth. Matt self-referred to Dads Rock after the child was born, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to acclimatise to his new normal. Despite maintaining a relationship, Matt and his partner weren’t living together, and Matt could go weeks without seeing his son due to struggling communication between him and his partner.

Amy, a Dads Rock support worker, helped facilitate the conversation between Matt and his partner stressing the importance of father involvement and has helped him and his partner work a better schedule of co-parenting.

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Here is what Dads Rock had to say about the Cattanach funding application process.

"I feel very supported through Dads Rock as I feel like I have a voice regarding my child’s life now. Amy has helped me communicate better with my partner and highlighted things I must work on within parenthood and relationships. She has been amazing."



Dads Rock have delivered some excellent work with Dads over the time Cattanach has supported them. They have contributed to the Dads Fund networking events to share their experiences and practice with other Cattanach grantees.