The Project

Cattanach awarded Reaching Out £12,000 over two years to develop their Toddler group through two sessional workers who support and involve the parents but to provide stability and additional activities, such as promoting healthy eating, interactive play, music and messy play. Their priority is to benefit our children and babies through play.

They were keen to involve the new and small babies, to benefit from activities based on feeling, touching, song and rhyme, promoting healthy cognitive and emotional development from birth.


Reaching Out have engaged with over 50 parents and carers and their children over two years, increasing social interaction and improving children’s sense of security. This results in a smoother transition for them into nursery/pre-school and school settings.

They have also encouraged more vulnerable families to have a raised awareness of play, to help promote their toddlers levels of friendship, physical skills and ability to learn.

Because the sessional workers offer dedicated attention to the children and their parents, the parents are free to engage in play with their children and bond with them. Children have dedicated ‘playtime’ with their parents in a safe relaxed environment, with staff on hand to support. 

Parents have reported greater interaction and an increased understanding of the significance of play, alongside a decrease in their own isolation and loneliness; friendships are growing all the time.