The last blog of our series to celebrate International Women's Day is from Amma Birth Companions. Amma Birth Companions provide support to vulnerable mothers during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

How two mums met through Amma and became friends for life

When lockdown brought the business of normal life to a stop, many people struggled with feelings of isolation — especially those with new babies. For mothers like Erica and Alvina, the Amma Mamas online peer support group created an opportunity to form a lasting friendship, even at the height of the pandemic.

Erica says, “Being alone and pregnant in a new environment is quite challenging. I didn’t have anyone to support me but Amma was there for me.” 

The experience of being pregnant in a new city, separated from friends and loved ones, is one Erica and Alvina share. Alvina says, "I was on my own and didn’t have anyone. I was pretty scared.”

The Amma Mamas peer support group was set up during lockdown to help reduce isolation among the individuals supported by Amma. 

Alvina says, “When the lockdown started, no one knew what to do—but Amma, very helpfully, supported all the mums. They sorted out phones and internet to make sure everyone was equipped so we could stay digitally connected.”

The group continues to meet every Friday on Zoom. According to Alvina, it's somewhere mums “can talk, share ideas and help each other through the lockdown period”. 

Alvina and Erica, who met through Amma Mamas, talk about how grateful they are to have become friends. Erica says, “Alvina and I connected instantly—even on Zoom—so when we met in person, it was like we had been friends forever. I have learned so much from her and I am grateful I have a sister that I met through Amma. I know our friendship will continue forever.”

Alvina also talks about their instant connection, saying “I am grateful I have met this wonderful person and ultimately, I am thankful to Amma. Erica inspires me and I love her energy. I now have a friend for life.” 

Amma is more than just a charity—we are a family. From our staff to our volunteers to our service users, we truly care for one another. Our goal is to provide the support and compassion that every new parent deserves. 

Erica says “Amma is a guardian angel to me. They’ve been there for me and they are a family to me. I am grateful for the mums and the Amma staff.” And according to Alvina, “Amma has been my lifeline. I am forever connected to a sisterhood. I am grateful to be part of this family.”

Blog by Reem Elsapagh