You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

After eleven years with Cattanach, of which he served nine years as Chair, Alastair Wilson is handing over the reins to Steve Murray.

What is Attachment? A Social Neuroscience Perspective

From a social neuroscience perspective, there are two key principles associated with human attachment behaviours: i) conserving energy resources and ii) making predictions about available support and how costly it is to obtain it.

Glitter and true grit - starting a new job in a pandemic

Everyone knows what the first day of a new job is like, butterflies, sweaty palms and the endless thinking about what your colleagues might be like. But this time, my very first day was so very different from anything I’d experienced before.

International Women's Day - Amma Birth Companions

The last blog of our series to celebrate International Women's Day is from Amma Birth Companions. Amma Birth Companions provide support to vulnerable mothers during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

Commissioning Evidence: Changing the Rules of the System

Cattanach commissioned the Dartington Service Design Lab to help reflect and refine their approach to evaluation and learning as an independent foundation.

International Women's Day - Saheliya

In Celebration of International Women's Day this week, we have a blog from Saheliya - one of our amazing grantees who have a specific focus on BME women.

International Women's Day - SOHTIS

Today is International Women's Day. To celebrate the women close to Cattanach, this week we will be sharing blogs from 3 organisations that provide invaluable support to mothers and their children. We start our week with a blog from Survivors of Human Trafficking In Scotland (SOHTIS).

The Village Storytelling Centre

In celebration of World Book Day, Sarah from The Village Storytelling Centre has kindly written a blog, talking about the powerful connections that are possible when a story is shared with an Early Years child.

A World in a Book

As World Book Day approaches, one of our grantees, Craigmillar Literacy Trust shared their thoughts on the importance of books and their role in how they can shape such important traits such as empathy, connection and resilience.

My first 100 days at Cattanach

In June, we were delighted to welcome Jemma Slater to the Cattanach team as our new Grants and Relationships Officer. In this blog, Jemma talks about how she has found her first months at Cattanach and what excites her for the future.

First 400 days

Presidents and Prime Ministers tend to get only 100 days until the first summaries of their experiences – and judgements of their performance – start to crop up. In the grant making world, the clock thankfully ticks a little bit differently. So today, I would like to share with you my thoughts and reflections about my first 400-odd days as Chief Executive of Cattanach.

Internship in a remote world

We've been delighted to welcome Harry Cox into the Cattanach team to complete his internship this summer. Despite never having met the team in person, Harry is already having a demonstrable impact in supporting us to showcase the amazing work of our grantees. But what is it really like doing an internship in these remote working days? Here Harry tells us all about it!