My Lockdown Baby

My husband and I waited so long to become parents. We found out in late 2019 that I was pregnant, and our lives changed forever, in more ways than 1!

Mind Mosaic - Wee Minds

Funding has allowed us to introduce a new service Wee Minds groups. These are parent and child attachment play sessions providing mental health support to infants, toddlers and parents delivered by qualified Play Therapists, Theraplay practitioners and Family Workers.

Toddlers Together – We’re back!

Hawick Congregational Community Church - Reaching Out Project, Toddlers Together – We’re back!

Supporting families in Edinburgh with the power of relationships

Children 1st Father and Child Wellbeing Worker, Niko Sadlowski, is supported by Cattanach. This World Mental Health Day, he reflects on his work with dads in Edinburgh and the difference it makes for the whole family’s mental health.

Apple and Honey Nightingale Intergenerational Blog

Apples and Honey Nightingale are the first intergenerational nursery/care home in the UK. They have shared a fantastic blog with us for our intergenerational awareness week.

International Mud Day 2021

To celebrate International Mud Day, Lian Higgins shared a blog with us about outdoor play.

Our Learning #IMHAW

It’s the final day of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week today. To end the week, our Policy & Research Officer, Amy, and our Grants & Relationships Officer, Jemma, share with you some key facts they have learned about Infant Mental Health from their completion of the University of Warwick’s Infant Mental Health Online training.

Some tips for supporting parents to work with the natural biology of baby sleep

In my first blog, I talked about normalising infant sleep and helping to validate a baby’s needs alongside parents’. In this blog I will share some tips for supporting parents to work with the natural biology of baby sleep.

Understanding Infant Sleep - A Guide for Supporting Parents

This blog (and the second part) aims to share some ideas about how you can work with this central dilemma of parenting in a way that honours everyone’s needs. I’d like to support more parents to understand their child’s sleep, normalise that babies’ sleep is not meant to look the same as adult sleep, and know that there are things that can help everyone get more sleep, without resorting to leaving babies to cry and parents having to go against their instincts.

A 400 Mile Commute: Learning Lessons From My Time at Cattanach

Our Policy & Research Officer, Amy, described what she has learned from working almost 400 miles away from the office during the pandemic.

Securely Connected – How Mums and Dads Get “In Sync” With Their Kids

In my previous blog (What is Attachment – A Social Neuroscience Perspective), I talked about the social neuroscience of human attachment. In this blog, I will explain how Mums and Dads get “in sync” with their kids.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

I decided to do a few lines for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week. After thinking long and hard about what to write, I realised it was not about us it is about our families that we offer support to.