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At their Q3 2021 Board meeting, Catanach Trustees confirmed awards recommended by the Grants Committee. They decided to award grants above our usual budget using capital. The following charitable organisation were successful in Q3 2021:

One Parent Family Scotland - 3 years

Nurture the Borders - 3 years

Isle of Jura Development Trust - 2 years

Centre Stage - 3 years

Family Journeys - 3 years

Glenboing Development Trust - 3 years

Rock Community Church - 3 years

In addition, the following organisation received further funding under their multi-year grants:


Amma Birth Companions

Children's Hospices Across Scotland

Dean and Cauvin Young People's Trust



Stepping Stones North Edinburgh

Congratulations from the Cattanach Board and Team to all of our new grantees! Of course, we would like to thank all organisations that shared their proposals with us - we know how much time and energy has gone into each and every one of them and we do our utmost to provide detailed feedback and support through our associates.

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