How to Apply

If you wish to make an application you must first register on the website, with the charity number of your organisation.  If you have registered and applied before, there is no need to re-register for a new application.

You will then receive an email with a link to the application form. The application form contains instructions and help, and you may save it and fill it in at your own convenience. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact the Chief Executive.

By registering on this website and by submitting a grant application form, you agree to us collecting, storing, using and sharing your information under the terms of our Privacy Policy. It is essential that you read the Privacy Policy and are happy with its conditions before you make a grant application. Please click on “Privacy Policy” in the box at the foot of this page.

You should also read the Data Protection policy and the website Terms and Conditions.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions which set out the guidelines for applying, or download the attached PDF document which will provide the information you need.